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EMA-BIA Silky Kit Clutch

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Silky Kit Clutch by EMA-BIA is the clutch bag, small practice and never predictable, for evenings and events particularly elegant or even to give a touch of style and personality to a casual-chic outfit. Inside the Kit there are also two Silky Stripes aligned with the bag, a glamorous detail to be used as a scarf, belt, bracelet or as you prefer to give an even more unique and special touch to the look.

Silky Kit Clutch is made of fine materials as silk and leather. The silk selcted personally by the stylist and used is the one of Como, the place known as a real "Silk City" which has always boasted a silk culture recognized all over the world. The chosen leather is processed following the Varese tradition, which allows a care for the strictly handmade details. The goal is to propose a product of excellence that enhances the heritage of local Italian artisan tradition. The details are studied precisly, because a bag should not just be an eye-catcher, but must be practical as wel. The interiors are designed to be resistant, the pockets are reinforced to withstand the weights and the materials are easily cleaned. 

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Silky Kit Clutch is available in the catalog in 65 different versions, but to make it unique is its infinite choice of materials for customization. A not indifferent detail that gives the possibility to create your own customized Silky Kit Clutch, making it even more unique. The brand offers the possibility to its customers to choose among the various fantasies or unique colors available for the silk part, thus offering an unlimited variety of proposals with which to embellish your outfit. Each bag is furthermore customizable on request with your initials.

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Even the packaging in which Silky Kit Clutch is sold is designed to be both useful and beautiful: the eco-leather packaging is useful for storing the kit, but can be also used to store other items. 

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Accompanying and embellishing even more Silky Kit Clutch, the two Silky Stripes inside the kit are the perfect and unmissable ally to transform a classic outfit into something extremely sophisticated, unique and refined. The stripes are characterized by the ability to combine everything in a simple way and always ensuring, according to individual needs, a classic, elegant or glam rock effect. The stripes are the only accessory of its kind to be worn on the neck as a scarf, or with a French knot or as a belt to further embellish the basic garments thanks to their alignment both in materials and design with the bag.

Silky Kit Clutch by EMA-BIA

Silky Kit Clutch by EMA-BIA

Silky Kit Clutch by EMA-BIA

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