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We overturn the criteria of essential elegance; we dare with bright and unprecedented shades and new creations which take us into the future while being a sweet reminder of the past;


Melting pot of cultures, places and atmospheres mixing design, graphic arts and colours.

We re-elaborate the combinations following new codes whilst keeping the seductive power of silk their main strength

EMA-BIA logo_registrazioneMarchio_1_edit

EMA-BIA is a new brand which was launched in 2018 following a project involving a new use of the silk produced by the family owned company, which is based in the Como area and has been a leader in the silk production sector for over 40 years, creating designs and printing natural fabrics whilst generating a unique and articulate know how.

The vast archive of the most exquisite quality silk with an infinite range of designs and colours, representative of the fashion of the last 50 years, and the creation of new prints and designs, gave birth to the brand’s project.

The brand name EMA-BIA is closely linked to the designer’s name: Emanuela Bianchi, as she is the one who personally created the brand and designs all of the goods, but also personally follows each step of the process form the design, to the creation and development of the Brand.

The EMA-BIA brand was created by a dreamer whom has always loved style and practicality, although sometimes incompatible in our everyday frenetic lifestyle or in case of unexpected or unforeseen work related trips and/or meetings which impose a certain dress code. The lust for practical solutions made her create accessories which those passionate of finding easy and stylish solutions for every moment of the day will be unable to do without. With just a few simple moves you will be able to create a whole new style of your own ,ready to be worn in every occasion and make you feel at ease.

the most intense Stories are born from Great passions


and Caring People

The passion for colours and prints, as well as the visual and emotional effectcreated by their embrace inspired all of our Silky lines.

Co-ordinated accessories, a mania which becomes Design: 
Silky Kit

"Transform the continuous research of combination in a pleasant mania, style and practicality. These two words have inspired the idea of the Silky Kit, various models of the Silky Bags accompanied by two Silky Stripes …. Stripes of colour, with a variety of uses and an immediate result so as to personal style".

A kit created for those who love or need to dress with basic colours, but also want to have some coloured details to brighten up their style and their day; versatile accessories designed to completely revolutionize your outfit with one single move.

Days are made up of moments with different needs.

Each model has its own function.

Silky Kit 30_3.jpg

Silky Kit 30

A big bag to carry everything you need during daytime.

Silky Kit 22_9.jpg

Silky Kit 22

Midì bag to feel impeccable during both day and night.