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Discover all EMA-BIA's News and read the articles dedicated to our special collections.

Most of the articles below are written in Italian, we hope to be published soon in woldwide newspapers and let you read all the news in your mothertongue!



evoque magazine.jpg

EMA-BIA Brand - Evoque Magazine

Screenshot 2019-06-12 09.35.12.png

Silky T-Case by EMA-BIA

Silky Kit Clutch by EMA-BIA


Silky Kit 30 by EMA-BIA

Ema-Bia articolo.jpg

EMA-BIA - La Provincia di Como

Screenshot 2019-04-02 10.29.06.png

EMA-BIA@Milano Fashion Week

Silky Stripes by EMA-BIA


Silky Kit 22 by Ema-Bia

Silky 24 mini_17.jpg

Silky 24 mini by EMA-BIA

Screenshot 2019-04-02 10.31.33.png

Silky 24 by EMA-BIA


Silky Wallets by EMA-BIA


EMA-BIA presenta con successo la nuova Collezione Silky Kit al MIPEL di Milano

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